boohoo social responsibility

At boohoo, we are guided by our values of passion, agility, creativity and teamwork. We pride ourselves on our inclusive culture and team spirit and we believe in operating in a fair and sustainable manner. It is important for us to run our business in a way that benefits all of our stakeholders and we seek to engage with them on a regular basis. We have a proactive programme for delivering our CSR policy which is regularly reviewed and reported upon to the Audit Committee.

boohoo acts responsibly to reduce energy consumption and to use energy more efficiently to reduce its environmental impact. We monitor and report on all wastage.

  • All of the cardboard and plastic waste from our warehouse is recycled.
  • For our Manchester site, we recycle all paper and plastic waste.
  • At the head office, we have a programme to replace lighting with efficient motion-activated LED panels, whilst in our warehouse and certain areas of the head office, lighting is activated by motion sensors.
  • Recycled materials are used in our outer plastic packaging and swing tickets.
  • Energy efficient storage heaters have been installed in offices unconnected to the wet system.
  • Solar panels are to be installed in one of the recently acquired head office buildings with a view to rolling this out across the various sites.

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