Our Group

The group’s vision is to lead the global fashion e-commerce market. What started as one brand, growing extensively in the UK and internationally, is today a platform of multiple brands servicing over 18 million customers globally, generating more than £1.7bn of sales.

What separates boohoo group from other apparel retailers?

A flexible and agile sourcing model, allowing the group to operate with speed, underpinning our fashion credentials and ability to disrupt, giving more choice, minimising risk, and great value for our customer.
A highly engaged global audience with more than 65 million followers globally and over 18 million active customers across our brands – giving unparalleled reach.
A scalable in-house platform, with proprietary technology – offering e-commerce expertise, best in class logistics and great customer service.

What will drive our growth?

Being closer to our customer

We currently operate a distribution network from the UK. The opening of a US distribution centre in 2023 drives a step change in our proposition and ability to disrupt and grow market share in North America.

Understanding our markets

Each brand has its own roadmap for growth. Through price, proposition, people and marketing investments across key territories, we will deliver growth and market share gains across key markets.

Multiple routes to market

Wholesale and marketplace offerings in new markets will allow us to test demand without significant marketing investment. As markets mature, we will work with our partners to give different customer cohorts complementary D2C (direct to consumer), wholesale and marketplace offerings.

Unlocking supply chain opportunities

As supply chains normalise, we will look to drive speed, turn inventory faster and utilise cost opportunities to reinvest into our proposition.

Using technology to help drive customer engagement

An app-first approach to technology investments will support better engagement, ensuring a shopping experience that matches our product offer.

Allowing our customers to grow with us

The group’s brands include something for everyone – the boohoo customer of today is the Karen Millen customer of tomorrow. Continued uptake of our loyalty programmes (Premier and Royalty) will help to drive lifetime value.

Debenhams: our digital department store

Unlocking Debenhams’ significant potential presents upside for market share gains across fashion and new product areas including home, electronics and beauty, all through its capital-light, low-risk marketplace model.

Our platform and people

Our technology and infrastructure platform supports our brands’ growth ambitions. Within the group, our colleagues embody our values: Passionate, Agile, Creative, Commercial, Team.

FY22/23 Results:

In the last financial year we:
Serviced 18.0m unique customers globally
Shipped over 55m orders
Generated £1,768m of sales, up 43% since 2020
38% of which was to international markets
Successfully delivered best-in-class automation in Sheffield
Made substantial progress ahead of phased launch of US DC
Brought stock down 36% for a leaner, lighter, faster inventory position

Financial & Operational Statistics

Year ending February 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Sales 857 1,235 1,745 1,983 1769
Growth 48% 44% 41% 14% -11%
Adjusted EBITDA (1) 84.5 126.5 173.6 125.1 63.3
Adjusted EBITDA Margin 9.9% 10.2% 10.0% 6.3% 3.6%
Active Customers (2) 10.7m 13.9m 17.8m 19.9m 18.0m
Number of Orders 30.5m 42.2m 53.4m 62.4m 55.5m
Order Frequency(3) 2.85x 3.04x 3.00x 3.14x 3.08x
Average order Value(4) £41.29 £43.50 £46.06 £48.16 £53.32


  1. Defined as profit before tax, interest, depreciation, amortisation, share-based payment charges and exceptional items.

  2. Defined as unique customers to account for multi-brand shoppers and having shopped in the last 12 months

  3. Defined as number of orders in last 12 months divided by number of active customers

  4. Calculated as gross sales including sales tax divided by the number of orders