UP.FRONT boohoo group’s sustainability plan

UP.FRONT boohoo group’s sustainability plan
Just over a year ago we launched our first sustainability strategy, UP.FRONT, Fashion Ready for the Future. It contained a stretching set of targets, across three focus areas, informed by insight gathered from our customers, external subject matter experts, NGO’s and our own boohoo family. In the spirit of transparency, we published these targets, which binds us to delivering against them.

This past year we have started to deliver our UP.FRONT strategy across its three key focus areas smarter manufacturing of clothes, better terms for suppliers and action in responsible business practices to reduce our carbon footprint. With the engagement and support of teams across the business from buying, merchandising, marketing, operations and logistics we have made progress in our key areas.

Collaboration, innovation, learning from experts and listening to our customers remains central to our approach. The complexity of the challenge that we face as a sector is vast and the solutions are not simple. Collaborating to make a bigger impact more rapidly on shared industry challenges is key. We’ve joined groups like the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, WRAP Textiles 2030 and the Microfibre Consortium.

We remain committed to the continued execution of the UP.FRONT strategy and its application to our new business categories in beauty and homeware. We will continue to report on our progress in a way that’s simple and honest, steering clear of sustainability lingo.

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