GWT Founding Trustee Profiles

The Leicester Garment & Textiles Workers Trust will address some of the immediate and future needs of workers within the local garment industry, many of whom we acknowledge may have suffered harms as a result of long-standing challenges within the textile sector.

The Trust’s founding mission will be to create positive and lasting change for the benefit of the wider industry – providing guidance, advocacy and remedy to anyone working in the garment industry in Leicester, regardless of if they work for one of boohoo’s suppliers or not.

In its first year, we envision that the Trust will be grant-giving: complementing rather than competing with existing charity, community and NGO initiatives in Leicester. As we grow and develop, we will look to expand on our remit and deliver a more comprehensive package of services for garment workers in the city. This could include community initiatives, such as outreach workers and educational opportunities, such as scholarships.

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