Suppliers.On Better Terms

We rely on strong relationships with our suppliers to provide our customers with on trend products at a great price. Managing our supply chain ethically and sustainably is essential as we continue to grow as a business. This year we completed our Agenda for Change programme with formal sign off by KPMG. We have also published our Global Factory List and will be updating it every 6 months.

To continuously improve our efforts towards a transparent and ethical supply chain, we’ve strengthened our standards in the UK and globally. Working closely with our suppliers, we’ll support them in addressing challenges and creating a positive impact.







Traceability and transparency of our supply chain is one of our top business priorities.

We’ve completed our Agenda for Change, with formal sign off from KPMG. We are embedding the core themes of the programme across our business, into our daily work, and board governance.

We’ve published our global factory list, along with details of how we purchase our products. With the Open Apparel Registry we implemented an interactive map on our website of our global facilities.

Longer term, we will map our raw materials supply chain for priority fibres.

supplier list

agenda for change


We have taken significant steps to improve our standards and due diligence throughout our supply chain.

Our Code of Conduct has undergone an internal evaluation to ensure it is up to date and fit for purpose with the challenges of a global supply chain.

We have strengthened our internal systems. Orders can only be placed with a known, audited, and approved supplier.

In May 2021, we became members of Fast Forward, a leading UK auditing and improvement programme. All UK manufacturing sites will be subject to Fast Forward audits in 2022 and will join the Fast Forward Supplier Engagement Programme to access labour standards training, online guidance and resources, and a collaborative network.







We have launched two important programmes.

Thurmaston Lane, our Manufacturing Centre of Excellence is an 85,000 square feet site located in Leicester. Thurmaston Lane offers end to end garment production and digital printing for our brands. We started production on 26 January 2022. Thurmaston Lane will set the standard for UK garment industry and champion strong workplace standards. The facility will be used for supplier learning and development. The site is creating 170 jobs for on-site workers, part of our extended boohoo family. It is now home to our Leicester based UK compliance team.

The Leicester Garment and Textile Workers Trust, is overseen and managed by an independent board of trustees. We have invested £1 million in the trust in support of garment workers in the Leicester community. The Trust will drive positive change for those working in the Leicester garment industry.